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Drug Addiction & Mother and Baby Homes: Rachel Keogh and the Unearthing of Ireland's Dark Past

Updated: Jan 7

Darren Dillon and Rachel Keogh
In Da Name Of The Father Podcast

Podcast Dublin hosts In Da Name Of The Father in our Black-Box Studio, where we dive deep into an essential and impactful story. In this episode, host Darren Dillon is joined by the remarkable Rachel Keogh, who shares her compelling journey and experiences.

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Okay, Let's get stuck in to the take aways from this intense and emotional episode of In Da Name Of The Father...

Host Darren Dillon and guest Rachel Keogh delved deep into a powerful and emotional conversation about the impacts of drug addiction, trauma, and the uncovering of disturbing truths related to mother and baby homes in Ireland.

Rachel, a strong advocate and survivor, talks about of her past drug addiction and mother and baby homes and her passionate fight for justice, shedding light on the profound impact of these historical injustices.

This episode touches on how the government has handled past investigations into mother and baby homes, including the unsettling discovery of remains in the Angel's plot. Rachel questioned the government's approach and highlighted the need for thorough investigations, justice, and accountability.

The conversation began with Rachel's journey, including her struggles with addiction and a life-altering experience in a Cuban treatment centre at the age of 15. Her vulnerable and raw account of her time in Cuba resonated with many listeners, showcasing the complexities of addiction and recovery.

"I was so young when I started taking drugs, My head was all over the place that I couldn't even think cohesively. Emotionally, I felt like my nervous system was shot. You know, when I tried to tried to talk, I was just so self conscious."

Rachel's vocal advocacy and unapologetic stance on seeking justice for survivors of mother and baby homes was a focal point of the episode, leaving listeners with a deep sense of the ongoing fight for accountability and support for affected families.

The episode also touched on faith, societal influences, and the importance of addressing intergenerational trauma related to these harrowing events. Rachel's dedication to seeking justice and empowering survivors was truly inspiring.

We encourage you to listen to this episode to gain insight into the ongoing journey of those affected by mother and baby homes and to understand the importance of advocating for societal change and meaningful support for survivors and their families.

We thank Rachel Keogh for her bravery in sharing her story and tireless efforts to seek justice. We also thank our loyal listeners for supporting Podcast Dublin and standing in solidarity with those affected by historical injustices.

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content and inspiring conversations on In Da Name Of The Father by Podcast Dublin.

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