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Eilish O'Carroll - Mrs Brown's Boys & Triumphs, Struggles, Family and Empowerment

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Eilish O'Carroll from Mrs Brown's Boys
Eilish O'Carroll, Winnie McGoogan, Mrs Browns Boys

Podcast Dublin had the lovely Eilish O'Carroll aka Winnie McGoogan from Mrs Brown's Boys in our Black Box Studio here at The Edge in Tallaght.

As requested we went with a quick and simple setup using one camera produced for the sister shed's 'Feel Real' podcast.

Using one camera is a cost effective way to deliver content to your audience and of course nothing changes in terms of audio production.

We also put out an audio mixdown of the episode for the 'Feel Real Podcast' Spotify channel. So while you can always get an audio export of your video podcast something else to consider is an audio only recording if you feel maybe you're not ready for a video podcast but still want to get your voice out there.

Podcast Dublin will work with you to tailor your needs.

Whether it's a multi-cam, single cam or an audio-only setup, we will work with you to find the right solution to suit your needs.

Eilish O'Carroll is an actress best known for her role as Winnie McGoogan in the popular TV show Mrs. Brown's Boys.

Join us as we explore Eilish O'Carroll's inspirational and deeply personal journey, filled with resilience and unwavering determination on the Feel Real podcast. Be sure to listen in, connect with Eilish's experiences, and find moments of resilience, hope, and empowerment in her story.

Let's dive in...

The Feel Real Podcast host Sherin is joined by the remarkable Eilish O'Carroll. Known for her iconic role as Winnie in Mrs. Brown's Boys, Eilish delves into the transformative experience of embodying her character and the profound connection she feels with Winnie.

During the episode, Eilish candidly discusses her personal journey, including her close bond with her brother Brendan, whom she sees as her boss in their collaborative work. She shares stories about their upbringing in a large family and the noteworthy similarities she observes between Brendan and their mother.

Eilish opens up about her experience of suffering from depression due to the loss of her sisters during the pandemic and the solace she found in getting a dog named Jacko. She also speaks about her courageous journey of acknowledging her real sexuality and the importance of supporting and empowering women for equality.

Furthermore, Eilish highlights her mother's groundbreaking advocacy work, emphasizing the pivotal role of women collaborating and working collectively to create change. Her mother was a trailblazer, driving significant legislative changes, including the removal of the word "illegitimate" from birth certificates and advocating for women's rights in the workplace...

In 1954, Eilish's mother achieved a groundbreaking feat by becoming the first female Labour Party TD. The discussion unfolds as Sherin and Eilish reflect on this extraordinary accomplishment and its enduring impact.

Sherin, curious about the motivations behind this historical achievement, explores the driving force that led Eilish's mother to break barriers in an era defined by societal constraints.

Eilish recounts her mother's staunch commitment to justice and opposition to the oppression of women. With a stellar education, she initially entered a convent, driven by a desire to make a difference even within its walls. However, realising her true calling lay beyond, she left to become an influential teacher of languages, educating university students on English, Latin, Irish, and French.

The conversation takes a poignant turn as Eilish describes her mother's firsthand experience as a housewife raising ten children in an era where women faced societal restrictions. Her advocacy extended beyond the home as she actively participated in local politics, eventually receiving an unexpected invitation from the Labour Party to run for office.

Eilish's mother's election in 1954 shattered stereotypes, challenging the prevailing norms that marginalized married women in the workforce. Eilish passionately expresses her pride in her mother's achievements, emphasizing the collective strength of women collaborating for change.

Eilish O'Carroll - Live, Love, and Laugh.

Eilish O'Carroll being a renowned actress and comedian has also written a one-woman show, "Live, Love, and Laugh."

This heartfelt and humorous production delves into the essence of life, exploring personal experiences, deep loves, and the power of laughter.

Inspired by a pendant given to her by her late sister, O'Carroll found solace and inspiration in the mantra of "live, love, and laugh." Little did she know that this simple phrase would become the guiding theme for her show.

As she embarked on the creation of her play, O'Carroll found herself drawn to the idea of sharing her life story, her loves, and the moments that brought laughter into her world.

The genesis of "Live, Love, and Laugh" began as a confessional outlet for O'Carroll, who would write down fragments of her experiences as a means of self-expression.

Encouraged by friends who found her stories engaging and relatable, she expanded on these anecdotes and eventually submitted the piece to a festival.

To her delight, it was selected and went on to win several awards. The success continued when "Live, Love, and Laugh" received five-star reviews at the renowned Edinburgh Festival.

Taking to the stage alone for the first time in her career was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking for O'Carroll.

She shares how the absence of interruptions allowed her to share her life story uninterrupted for an entire hour. The experience was a revelation, offering her a newfound sense of freedom and connection with the audience.

As O'Carroll continues to tour with "Live, Love, and Laugh," she looks forward to engaging with audiences and creating memorable experiences.

Tune into the Feel Real Podcast and listen to this powerful episode with the wonderful Eilish O'Carroll.

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