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International Students Job-Hunting Ireland

Explore the challenges and approaches to finding employment for international students in Ireland.

International Student Podcast Dublin

In this Production we filmed this show in our famous Black-Box Studio in The Edge Tallaght utilising our Multi-Cam setup and Live Editing Suite for fast turn around.

The show's host, James, and his guest, Mark, discuss the job-hunting process while providing insights from a careers consultant and recruiter with first-hand experience in working with international students who require work permits. They cover topics such as researching potential employers, networking, utilising LinkedIn, and attending career fairs.

They also discuss the Stamp One G and critical skills permit for Ireland. Discover the best strategies and tactics to enjoy a successful job-seeking experience.

On this episode of Trive's Podcast - entitled 'Defog The Stamp 1G' we explore finding employment for international students in Ireland. The guest speaker is a careers consultant for the Business School of Trinity College, who shares his experiences working with international students who require work permits to find employment. They discuss the importance of networking, researching potential employers, and techniques for successful job applications. We also learn about the Stamp One G work permit, which allows international students to work in Ireland for two years after completing their degree.

With this guidance, we hope students pursuing a Master's degree will feel confident in taking the first step towards their dream job.

The podcast also addressed companies' varying policies regarding hiring international students with Stamp One G visas and critical skills permits. One key takeaway was the importance of networking and engaging with people in the industry, whether alumni or current employees, to increase the chances of finding job opportunities and referrals.

Students are advised to step outside their comfort zone and connect with people on LinkedIn, attend career fairs, and seek advice from alumni. The podcast also provided an overview of the speaker's background, who shared his experience of working in recruitment and career guidance. The speaker's Master's in Career Guidance adds depth to his advice to students.

To increase their chances of landing a job, candidates should set targets for networking, use the LinkedIn feature to express interest in working for a company and prepare for the challenges of the application process.

So what have we at found is our takeaway from this in-depth discussion, and how can an international student have the confidence moving forward in the Irish jobs market?

As an international student seeking employment in Ireland, it's important to be well-prepared and informed about the local job market, work culture, and legal requirements. Here are some tips that could help you navigate your job search successfully:

1. **Understand Your Work Rights**: Check your visa conditions to understand how many hours you can legally work while studying and if there are any restrictions post-graduation.

2. **Get a PPS Number**: To work in Ireland, you'll need a Personal Public Service (PPS) number required for tax purposes.

3. **Craft a Strong CV**: Irish employers typically prefer concise CVs tailored to the specific job with clear evidence of skills and achievements.

4. **Cover Letters Matter**: A cover letter should accompany your CV; this is your chance to explain why you're interested in the position and what makes you a good fit.

5. **Build Your Network**: Make connections through university events, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, or join clubs/societies related to your field of interest.

6. **Understand Local Qualifications**: If your qualifications aren't from Ireland, find out their equivalent in the Irish education system as employers may not be familiar with international degrees.

7. **Prepare for Interviews**: Understand typical interview formats used by Irish companies; practice common interview questions especially those that assess behavioral competencies.

8. **Learn About Irish Workplace Culture**: Familiarize yourself with local business etiquette – punctuality is highly valued along with teamwork and effective communication skills.

9. **Work on Language Proficiency (If Relevant)**: While English is widely spoken in Ireland, improving language proficiency will always benefit non-native speakers when it comes to securing employment opportunities.

10. 11**Utilize University Resources:** Many universities have career services where students can get assistance with their job searches including workshops on resume writing or mock interviews.

12**Stay Informed About Visa Changes:** Immigration rules can change so keep up-to-date on any policy changes regarding post-study work visas like the Third Level Graduate Program which allows graduates from Irish higher education institutions remain in Ireland for employment.

13**Consider Internships or Part-Time Jobs:** These positions can provide valuable experience within the Irish context making transitioning into full-time roles easier after graduation.

14**Research Companies Thoroughly:** Before applying make sure you research potential employers thoroughly understanding their industry standing mission values etc This helps tailor applications appropriately demonstrating genuine interest knowledge about them during interviews.

15**Be Persistent Adaptable:** Job hunting requires persistence adaptability Don’t get discouraged by rejections Instead use them learning experiences refine approach future applications

16**Know Legal Protections Rights at Workplaces:** Be aware protections rights under Irish law such as minimum wage anti-discrimination laws health safety regulations etc Understanding these ensures know when seek help if necessary

17*Seek Professional Advice When Needed:* If unsure about anything related working living don’t hesitate reach out professionals whether immigration advisors career counselors They’re best equipped provide accurate advice based current laws policies

Remember patience perseverance key landing dream role new country.

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